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Our Web Site in 2003

 Updates are listed in reverse chronological order.
The Ardeche, home of early man.


  • 16 - Some ideas are working and others are not, but the site is beginning to take shape. We're having to completely revise site structure as our plans are greater than the existing architecture can handle. It's an interesting project, but one of great tedium at the moment.


  • 29 - It's taken some time to think about the features we'd like to incorporate, but we're moving along and have added more background information for fossil sites and people.


  • 05 - We're Coming to You Live - The web version of this digital philatelic reference has been on since 2000 A.D. But now, we're an official web site all our own! We didn't get the domain name we would have liked ( and were already taken), but Bone and Stone says it as well as anything.


Annual Reference Updates