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Homo erectus petralonensis, a Neandertal ancestor. [A] Administrative Notes
Purpose, guidelines and administrative information for our digital philatelic reference.
[C] Checklist of Early Man Items
Lists with images of postage stamps, stationery, cancels, etc. (or pdf file) depicting prehistoric life.
[D] Descriptions of Fossil Neandertals
Descriptions of the main Neandertal fossil finds in chronological order.
[E] Exhibit Pages
Exhibit page thumbnails with clickable images.
  • pg 01 - Title, introduction and exhibit plan.
  • pg 02 - Discovery of the Neander valley specimen.
  • pg 03 - Original theories of Neandertal's origin.
  • pg 04 - Origins from a scientific point of view.
  • pg 05 - Ancestors tautavelensis and steinheimensis.
  • pg 06 - Physical characteristics for survival.
  • pg 07 - Classic specimens of France and Gibraltar.
  • pg 08 - Classic specimens of Germany and Italy.
  • pg 09 - The cave - shelter and site of artifacts.
  • pg 10 - Tools, implements and natural materials.
  • pg 11 - Clothing and fire, two factors in society.
  • pg 12 - Evidence of the giant cave bear cult.
  • pg 13 - Earliest medical and religious practices.
  • pg 14 - Hunting as a means of subsistence.
  • pg 15 - Museums and display for public benefit.
  • pg 16 - Theories on Neandertal disappearance.

  • Single Frame Exhibit Pages : (Click to view the single frame exhibit. 4.9mb)
  • Single Frame Exhibit Synopsis : (Click to view the Single Frame Synopsis. 60kb)
  • Philatelic Literature (CD) Synopsis : (Click to view the Literature CD Synopsis. 60kb)
[F] Family Tree of Man
Graphic depicting the family tree of man.
[G] Glossary of Early Man Terms
Terms, abbreviations of words and symbols used in our digital philatelic reference.
[H] Home Page of Bone and Stone
The main home page for our digital philatelic reference on early man.
[I] Introduction to the Neandertal
The introduction page for our digital philatelic reference's main subject, the Neandertal man.
[L] Links to Special Interest Web Sites
Links to external web sites featuring early man:
[M] Maps of Fossil Discoveries
Maps with geographic locations of many well and lesser-known fossil Neandertal finds.
[N] Neandopedia
Some basic facts about Neandertal man.
[P] Personalities, Museums and Congresses
The scientific community, expeditions, museums and international meetings on paleoanthropology.
[R] References on Early Man
Selected articles and other references related to Neandertals and early man.
[S] Site Map - Reference Index
An alphabetical index of our digital philatelic reference's main sections with descriptions and hyper-links to them.