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These are the navigation guidelines of our exhibit.

Neanderthal bone flute.


Accessibility for Disabled Viewers


We've included features to make our digital reference more 'Accessibile' for viewers with disabilities, although they can be used by anyone. We sincerely hope this effort provides you a richer viewing experience.

1. Alternate tags for graphics for screen readers.
2. Title tags for 'hovering tooltip text'.
3. Abbreviation tags for screen readers.
4. Acronym tags for screen readers.
5. Periods in alt tags for screen readers.
6. Re-sizeable text.
7. Color contrasts for color blindness.
8. Arrow keys for scrolling up and down page.
9. Tab key movement through links on page.
10. Access key movement between main exhibit areas.

Access Keys


Access keys allow you to move between main reference areas using a keyboard rather than a mouse. To use Access keys:

On Macintosh - hold down the 'Control' + 'Option' keys simutaneously and then press the key for the first letter of the desired area's name (it's bolded).


On Windows - hold down the 'Alt' key and then press the key for the first letter of the desired area's name (it's bolded) followed by the 'Enter' key.

Enabled Keys:
  • [A] = Administrative Information.
  • [C] = Checklist of Early Man on Stamps.
  • [D] = Descriptons of Fossil Neandertals.
  • [E] = Exhibit Pages.
  • [F] = Family Tree of Man.
  • [G] = Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations.
  • [H] = Home Page.
  • [I] = Introduction to the Neandertal.
  • [L] = Links to Special Interest Web Sites.
  • [M] = Maps of Fossil Discoveries.
  • [N] = Neandopedia - Facts about the Neandertal.
  • [P] = People, Expeditions, Museums and Congresses.
  • [R] = References (articles and books) on Early Man.
  • [S] = Site Map - the Exhibit Index.

Refresh or Reload Browser Window


If a page does not load quickly or appear properly on screen, please refresh/reload the page.

Navigation | Accessibility | Access Keys | Refresh
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