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Neandertal exhibit page 13. Haufiger medizinischer Eingriff am Schadel lebender Menschen in der Jungsteinzeit mit Hilfe von Werkzeug aus Feuerstein (Major Stoneage medical operation on living person's skull using flint tools). Kreisarbeitsgemeinshaft fur Ur- und Fruhgeschichte des Kulturbundes (Cultural Union's area working group for Ancient and Early history). Erpfingen - Baren und Karls-hohle (Bear and Karl's Cave). Rubelander Tropfsteinhohlen des Harzes grosse Naturwunder (Rubelander stalagtite cave, the Harz mountains' great natural wonder). Evidence of medical practices are found at some Neandertal sites. Holes in the skull appear to be a result of surgery. Cave bears were often over eight feet tall. Registration receipt with commemorative cancel. View larger image. Medicine. Domestic post card rates, East and West Germany. View larger image. View larger image. Cave bear skulls, arranged in rows, were believed to be a religious cult phenomenon until it was recently shown they were likely moved by modern workers. Government postal card overprinted for use by the 'Office of Ancient and Early History'. The Bear Cult. Barenhohle Erpfingen (Bear cave of Erpfingen). View larger image. View larger image. View larger image.