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Neandertal exhibit page 11. Stake holes  have been found. Animal hide was sewn together using sinew with fur inside for insulation. First Day Cover honoring Soultre. A well known cave, (above on left) commands a wide view of the area below. Natural caves were ready-made shelters for prehistoric man. Neandertal artifacts are plentiful and span thousands of years, which implies a continued residence by family groups.. View larger image. The Neanderthal lived during the Ice Ages. They were agressive hunters and the first to formally bury their dead. View larger image. View larger image. Clothing was a very important factor in the ability of Neandertals to exploit hostile environments and weather conditions during the European Ice Age. View larger image. Clothing. Shelters. View larger image. View larger image. Our ancestors built shelters like this from wood, stone and oftentimes mammoth bones. View larger image.