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Neandertal exhibit page 9. Click to view description. View larger image. The origin of the Neanderthal still remains controversial. We still don't know whether the Neanderthal is a human relative or an evolutionary deviation that became extinct. View larger image. Let's see the location of the finds. Neandertal remains are also found outside highly populated western European areas and range from Israel in the south to Uzbekistan, far to the east. 12. Internacionalni Kongres Antropoloskih i Etnoloskih Znanosti (12th International Anthropology and Ethnology Sciences Congress). Homo neanderthalensis krapinensis. View larger image. Caves of Krapina hold the largest single deposit of Neandertal remains with more than 70 individuals of all ages, children to adults. Commemorative cancel depicting Neandertal sculpture, honoring the 12th international conference Amud I (1962). View larger image. Dragutin Gorjanovic Kramberger. View larger image. Let's see the location of Croation finds.