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Neandertal exhibit page 5. Evolutionary Ancestors. L'Homme de Tautavel 450,000 Ans (Tautavel Man, 450,000 Years ago). View larger image. Homo steinheimensis, 200,000 Jahren (Years). View larger image. Yacimientos arqueologicos de la sierra de Atapuerca (Archaeological deposits in the Atapuerca mountain range). Patrimonio mundial de la Humanidad (Forefather of worldwide humanity). View larger image. Modern evidence suggests man came to Europe and Asia from Africa. Click to read 'Tautavel' article. Four digit zip code introduced in the late 1960s, first class domestic letter rate. The archaic Homo sapien, which lived 800,000 to 100,000 years ago, is the precursor to the modern Homo sapien. View larger image. Homo steinheimensis Urmensch Museum (Homo steinheimensis Early Man Museum). View larger image. View larger image. Click to read 'Tautavel' article. Homo antecessor and Tautavel are ancestors of Neandertal. Homo steinheimensis has features familiar in Tautavel. He represents the most direct transitional form to the Neandertal.