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Neandertal exhibit page 3. Ausgangspunkt zum Neandertal (Exit point of the Neander Valley). Erkrath, Eingangspforte zum Neandertal (Entrance to the Neander Valley). Thin value four digit zip code, first class letter rate. Rounded value two digit zip code, domestic printed matter rate. Squared value, three digit postal code. Double weight letter rate. Besucht die Kreisstadt Mettman mit ihrem beruhmten Neander Valley (Visit the County Seat of Mettman with its famous Neander Valley). View larger image. View larger image. View larger image. The first recognized remains of Neandertal were found in 1856 by a German road crew in the 'Neander Valley'. A local school teacher, Johan C. Fuhlrott recognized the bones as being unusual and of special interest. The 'Neander Valley' (Neandertal in German) is surrounded by the four cities of Mettmann in the north, Erkrath in the east, Gruiten in the west and Vohwinkel in the south. Dar-es-Salaam, German East Africa, 9 Nov., 1905 to Vohwinkel, Germany, received 7 Dec., 1905. View larger image. View larger image. Recognition.