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The Vertebrate Kingdom

Vertebrate life forms have stiff backbones which support the body structure. The family of man and manlike forms are grouped with other mammals as they all produce milk for their young.
Vertebrate Kingdom of life.

Charles Darwin, Carl von Linne and the Tree of Evolution.
Silurian - Named for the Silures, an ancient tribe in Wales, Great Britain. Development of Amphibians. Development of Reptiles. Development of Birds. Development of Mammals. Click to view the Family Tree of Man. Tertiary - Named for being the third period. Ordovician - Named for the Ordovices, an ancient tribe in Wales, Great Britain. Permian - Named for the Perm region of Russia. Development of Fish. Cenozoic - Era of the Modern Ages of Life. Mesozoic - Era of the Middle Ages of Life. Pre-Cambrian - Period before the Cambrian. Paleozoic - Era of the Ancient Ages of Life. Quaternary - Named for being the fourth period. Cretaceous - Named for its chalk bearing rock. Triassic - Named for being divided into three parts. Carboniferous - Named for being the coal bearing period. Cambrian - Named for 'Cambria', the archaic name for Wales. Proterozoic - Named for being the 'early life' Eon. Archean - Named for being the 'oldest' Eon. Jurassic - Named for the Jura mountains. Devonian - Named after Devonshire, Great Britain. Name of Formation. Millions of Years Ago.